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LF Acplayers F map765 |AQ Mandatory |War 3BG |UK,T, Line needed| Add F Info| 1,5M.R|300+ MILLION WEEKLY


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    Texas1Texas1 Posts: 47
    Search wolfi1970 on line app
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    Texas1Texas1 Posts: 47
    Prestige 12,646
    Alliance rating 40+ Million
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    Texas1Texas1 Posts: 47
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    Texas1Texas1 Posts: 47
    Looking For Fresh Blood For A Great Alliance
    Alpha Omega Squad Gold 2
    Tag [AOS]

    We need 2 Skilled ACTIVE Players with Line app
    For map6 Minimum

    We all are on line app & everyone is active
    Search wolfi1970

    We are running map765 &

    War is 3 Bg in Season & Going for Higher Title with 3 Bg

    We had 2 Bg season far & with only 1 loost war in season & Victory all the other 25 WARS IN 2 SEASON
    Isn’t enough to grow

    So them we are seeking are hopefully war skilled

    Add me on line app & let’s talk
    You won’t regret joining us
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