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LF Map 5x5 alliance

Returning Player
Prestige is around 9.2k
Rating is about 680k
IGN: Bluebubble 100


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    UltraLegoUltraLego Posts: 31
    Sent you a friend request
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    NinjahippieNinjahippie Posts: 265
    Still looking for an alliance?
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    bluebubble100bluebubble100 Posts: 62
    Im still open.
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    PosheeshoPosheesho Posts: 45
    We run 2 BGs map 6 with master mods.
    1 BG runs maps 6 on day 1 and Map 5 the rest with master mods
    Rank 900 and 401 mil milestone in AQ this week.

    Adults with lives. Good communication makes for easy clears. Rarely have any issues. Here for a good time.

    Part of a family of 16 alliances ranging from retirement to top tier. Great resource for info and growth etc.

    If you wanna try to take the next step and get some T5CC rewards weekly shoot me a message
    Line: Posheesho
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    EzonNexosEzonNexos Posts: 51
    Hey. We run 655 or 665, 300Mil+ AQ, G1, almost Plat. We use Discord (You dont need a phone number to sign up) and if you want to join, hit me up at Stefan#8045. Hope to have you!
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