Paradox Special + Quantum Overrun

Quantum Overrun is the paradox related node in Act 7.4, where the Defender is Passively Unstoppable, unless you have 3 Paradox charges on. Paradox Special is where charges on gained on either champion's special, and removed depending on how many bars of power the Attacker uses.

I don't personally think this is a good node combination, in terms mainly of length of fight. These nodes are fine on their own (7.4.1 had Quantum Overrun paired with Paradox Debuff, which was a fun challenge)

While < 3 Paradoxes: You are either locked into using a champion that can apply Slow within the time period of a parry-stun (She-Hulk, Spider-Gwen, Silver Centurion), or you 'slow play' by doing parry + light + light, repeat till they reach 1 bar of power. Then you have to wait for them to use the special, and repeat at least two more times (so total of at least 3 times). This makes it so you either only have limited number of champions you can use, or it is just a tedious slog to get to 3 Paradox charges.

While > 3 Paradoxes: The Paradoxes node become a handicap, as the Defender will of course gain power (from you hitting them) and throw specials. There is this bad loop where you are potentially locked out of being able to use SP3 when at 3-5 Paradox charges (so as to not fall back into being < 3 Paradox), and then at 7+ charges you can't use your SP3 because the defender will keep causing charges to build towards 12. So really, there is only the 6-7 charge sweet spot.

All that is to say, is that the combination of these nodes make for a long slog of a fight. It takes awhile to build charges due to the unstoppable, and once you have enough charges your overall damage is limited as you can't use your specials as you'd like.


  • LpooLpoo Posts: 1,661 ★★★★★
    I used SheHulk for a couple fights and then Red Mags. It was an unorthadox combination of nodes, but I didn't find it the worst quest in the chapter
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