Relaxed alliance | 55555 w/epic mods | 300m AQ weekly score | Optional war | LF 10k prestige players

The Black Order is a relaxed AQ-focused alliance who understands that life takes precedence. However, communication is an absolute must. Line is required.

We do 55555 with epic modifiers for all three battlegroups and score 300 million each week. We're hoping to have one BG do map 6 again once we have enough interest and time availability. Should be easier with the new map.

War is optional. We do only one battlegroup for those who want to do it. Currently Silver 2.

We're looking for players with a minimum of 10k prestige. We would prefer US time zones but GMT is also good.

If interested, contact either thenthdoctor (me) or Turtle43420 (our leader) on Line. Please provide screen grabs of your top champions.


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