3 R4’s regardless of monetary investments…

If you clicked, you know where this is headed. Kabam is either completely clueless or blatantly saying things we all know isn’t true. No one can honestly say three R4’s is possible without being somewhat of a whale. The case and point is them listing “playing in a higher tier alliance”. Kabam is smart enough to know that in order to be in these alliances that get R4 6* materials you NEED to be a whale with high prestige. So, you NEED to be spending. To get the title on day 1 and call it anything other than having a deep wallet to get a 3rd R4 is just wrong.

I will have completed all content once I get two more carina challenges done but that will just get me my second R4 and still be far from a third. Someone at kabam needs to bring out the T84 on all the materials that have been available without paying $$’s up until now.
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