Very active player looking for a good alliance

I’m looking for a good alliance to be a good contributor earning great rewards. I want T4cc and basic and ready to get after it! I included a lot of pictures so you know what I have and what I’ve done. I am very social on the in game chat and I just down loaded the line app. Please comment below with your information so I can get going. Here is some info about me to see if I fit in, thanks!

-I play mostly 9pm-11am pst since I work nights
- I am willing to donate my fair share
- I grind arena a hard
- I am very active in arena, monthly questing, AQ and Aw
- I just recently 5/50 Gwenpool and Magik so my gold and battle chips are low
- Also loyalty chips are low as I was unable to get a lot
- In the last 5 days I’ve become uncollected, completed Realm of legends, and Road to the labrynth 100%
- Looking to run map 5
- Looking to grow with a good alliance




  • TwinkvdTwinkvd Posts: 16
    I sent you a friend request in game. If you have line hit me up at Twinkvd when you’re up for work.
  • DoomanDooman Posts: 28
    Add me on LINE, mrdooman
  • Friend request sent, no guarantees though as you're prestige isn't that high.
  • IAmNotUrMomIAmNotUrMom Posts: 648 ★★★
    Your prestige is too low for a weekly T4CC alliance. You should first aim to join an expert tier alliance. That should help you grow those 5/50s and get more shards and frags to hopefully move towards your first 4/55 5*.
  • I sent you a message in line
  • I meant in game
  • AdvoMiggyAdvoMiggy Posts: 72
    9.8 mill ally doing 5X5...we are on the edge of getting to 100 million a week which gets you 3 Map 6 Crystal’s and not including the 20+ Map 5 crystals you get for playing as well...this could def be a spot for you if interesested. Find me in line chat and see if it works out...
  • Have you found an alliance yet? Think you’ll be a good fit for us. Add me up on LINE (my id is unstookie)
  • SuperSam57SuperSam57 Posts: 325
    @AdvoMiggy Sounds like a good time, is your name your line chat ID and in game name?

    @unstookie I haven't found on yet, I received 17 in game friend request but I don't know anything about there alliances. I do want to get picked up soon and get going though.

    @IAmNotUrMom I know its not very high, I should have been more specific regarding going for shards and glory. I do want to grow my 5/50's and get some good 5* to step up to the big leagues lol
  • DoomanDooman Posts: 28
    SuperSam, people can't PM you in-game or on LINE if you don't accept/add them. (Since you didn't give your LINE ID)
  • SuperSam57SuperSam57 Posts: 325
    edited October 2017
    @Dooman I haven't really used line yet so I was hoping that people would post there Alliance info here so I could see whats up. Advomiggy posted exactly what I wanted to see so I could ensure I was upgrading and also not getting into deep.

    With all that said my Line is Super_Sam
  • Add me on Line: Zburatoru. Same Id in game.

    Very active alliance. Complete Map4×5. SA weekly and high scores on 3 day events.

    Tier 10 AW. 4* shards.
  • SugarCircuitSugarCircuit Posts: 63
    Ping me in line/in game at sugarcircuit. My alliance is looking for one and you look like a great fit. Tier 3/4 AW and 55552 in AQ. Reasonable minimums on events.
  • kaplowikaplowi Posts: 13
    @SuperSam57 I have just added you on LINE and in-game. I am an officer in OBTB. We are 9.1M seeking to fill our final spot ASAP. We are running 5x5 and also are knocking on the 100M door (98.4M, finished rank 1,229). We are in AW tier 6 right now. We pretty much stay in tiers 3-6. War Rating 1,358. I really think you could grow with us and would make an excellent addition to our alliance.

    Looking forward to speaking with you!
    - kaplowi
  • SuperSam57SuperSam57 Posts: 325
    Thanks everyone, I found a great alliance already, sorry for the late reply.
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