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New map 6 really disappointing

DrakeDrake Posts: 104
I was so excited for map 6 on paper. It looked like the hassle of begging people to get online and move regularly was over because there would be plenty of backup. Unfortunately that's not the case at all. Section 2 in particular is actually worse because the length of 4 of the paths means it now requires all 10 people if we want to be at the second boss before everyone is asleep.

And even worse, these terrible attack reduction nodes are actually making it harder overall than it was before. Messing around with getting the right champs brought to not have to take a path where you get attack penalized (which also feels way worse than a 50% reduction btw... the damage I'm seeing feels like it's double that) is a huge hassle. You want to allow us to bring 5 champs to AQ, then this is fine. But with 3 attackers all this is doing is causing resentment between my members who feel like they're getting hosed when someone takes the path they wanted.

If we obsessively planned out a path for every member in every section and made them all stick to them with a timer taped to their foreheads, we could figure this out. But I thought you guys were trying to make this better for alliances that aren't packed full of sweaty try-hards. This isn't that. The 4 guys not assigned to a specific path don't know which guy's wife sprained her ankle and who got stuck with overtime unexpectedly and just have to pick a path and invariably are picking the wrong one and now the guy who could run all his paths with a tech, skill and cosmic is stuck taking a path only science or mutant don't get penalized for. Not only that... why did you design it so that only one of the two classes doesn't have to do a class disadvantaged fight or two? It's even more restrictive factoring that in.

Please dump these stupid attack penalties. And make each of the 6 paths in section 1 and 2 completable (not a word, I know. But it should be.) by 1 person in the first 12 hours so that there's plenty of backup.

I was so much looking forward to what I expected was going to be a renewed enjoyment of AQ. Unfortunately it's taken a huge step backwards for my alliance. People are annoyed and frustrated and I don't blame them. It's not a learning curve issue. It's bad design, forcing restrictive champ selection and scheduling that's less forgiving in practice than it seemed it would be on paper.


  • Strangecraft069Strangecraft069 Posts: 183
    It's not a team event for nothing, you oughtta decide among yourselves to bring 2 class specific teams each.
  • LpooLpoo Posts: 1,204 ★★★★
    I think as we start to get used to it that it will better. Our alliance just went ahead and free-for-alled this first cycle, and it’s really tough. Hopefully next cycle we’ll be more ready to attack the different lanes.

    I do hate the node combos tho, makes me miss the old setup
  • GladsGlads Posts: 173 ★★
    The reduced energy requirements are great I think kabam got that right particularly for multi time zone alliances.
    I concur the class nodes are not very genius like, the class restrictions don't allow people to play around with their team. Map6 and above take planning time zone and roster for those without extensive team you cannot swap on a whim.
  • World EaterWorld Eater Posts: 2,774 ★★★★★
    edited April 25
    Less paths is def a really good thing for map6 but some of the nodes combos make it pretty tedious. I’m sure people will get better at it once they’ve run thru the map a few times. Things are always harder when it’s brand new.
  • Da_MonstrousityDa_Monstrousity Posts: 23
    It's either your roster doesn't have depth to counter the nodes or you lack some basic skill needed for the new Map 6.

    Basically, I think that the new Map 6 is more playstyle dependent rather than champ specific. In my ally we are still doing free for all but will assign paths from next series. The new map 6 isn't difficult. You just need to take your time adapt your playstyle to the node limitations.
  • Little_Crocodili29Little_Crocodili29 Posts: 209 ★★★
    The new map 6 is terrible. Class restrictions on this mode is an attrocious idea. The AI is super passive (for both map 6 and 5) and they've tuned up the difficulty.

    We shouldn't have to "get used to it" being harder and more complicated. Allis that were running these maps were doing so for multiple reasons. If we wanted more difficulty, more complexicity, we'd have up ourselves moved up to maps 7 or 8.

    There is no increase whatsoever in rewards and yet AQ just got ridiculously more difficult in many senses, to allis who were doing map 6 and 5 without issues for years.

    Way to kill players' will to play an already highly demanding and tiring mode.
  • Little_Crocodili29Little_Crocodili29 Posts: 209 ★★★
    If their recent survey had come out now I would have answered many questions completely differently.

    difficulty: extrememy dissatisfied.
    Map layout in regards to class identity: extremely dissatisfied.

    Less paths is amazing. If you had done just that it would have made many players very happy. As it is, it sucks pretty much.
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