Warlock or Ultron to R3

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As the title suggests, who would be your first choice (both unduped)? I enjoy both, so I'd appreciate some guidance.

Warlock or Ultron to R3 57 votes

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    I have both at R3. I would R3 warlock over ultron first because of heal blocking and bleed/poison immunity. Also used in war and act 7 exploration. Ultron work better with HB synergy. That is my team for AQ and was a blessing for 7.4.6 kang.
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    I gave similar advice on a thread the other day asking the same question. In the end it depends on your roster. If you are looking for Utility with some Damage, Warlock is your guy. If you are looking for Damage with some utility, Ultron is your guy. They both have good immunities, Ultron arguably better if he is awakened given the shock and incinerate added bonus. But if you are mostly looking for utility, go with Warlock.
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    R3 both one after another.
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