Who is the most powerful Science Champion ?

Who is the best Science Champion in your opinon ?


  • Stark78AlfaStark78Alfa Posts: 502
    1) Hulk (dupped)
    2) Quake (charging heavy attacks)
  • The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 893 ★★★
    Cap WWII isn't bad at all
  • RomyjartRomyjart Posts: 257
  • Ayushk12Ayushk12 Posts: 150
    Quake and hulk. Hulk for agressive play. Quake for patient ones.
  • DingaloDingalo Posts: 355
    Hulk definitely, his damage output when awakened and ability to chain stuns is insane, oh and poison immunity. Cap ww2 close second and quake probably 3rd.
  • The_Mighty_ToeThe_Mighty_Toe Posts: 125
    Ant Man stacked 6 poisons on goldblum doc strange and took him out in under 70 hits on line D last night.
  • StefffStefff Posts: 121
    1. Cap WW2. Great block, bleed, beats MD
    2. Hulk. Huge attack, can stun lock
    3. Quake. Crazy utility, but tough to use properly
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