Daily Ongoing Duel Targets

Hi Y'all,

I've been thinking about duel targets and duel credits and the duel system a bit lately.

I've been thinking about how duel targets, and duels in general, are a really good idea that is currently somewhat poorly implemented. What I mean is, everyday I have 5 duel target credits and not much to use them on. Moreover, if I do find a target that is fun to fight or can help me lift my game a bit, the target may vanish due to rank ups. Obviously this is a major flaw in the system/method of finding and fighting champs in a duel situation for a certain purpose.

I spent about an hour searching random words, phrases, groupings of numbers, and actual names of champs, and found but 2-3 accounts worth my time and duel credits. The take away from this is that it is not easy or simple or worthwhile in terms of time spent to just 'find' decent duels.

The 'practise' feature is a great addition to the game. However, in the context of what I'm writing about the obvious downside is that if a Summoner does not have a particular champ, then they cannot practise with it. Therefore practise mode does not replace duel targets in any meaningful or genuine sense. I see it as a separate, additional feature, not a replacement or surrogate. Personally, I have barely used practise mode since it was implemented, it has little purpose for me, over the last 3 years I have learned how to fight the champs I don't really use by facing them in arenas, but I see the value practise mode may have for others, regardless.

These thoughts began when searching for a 6 star The Champion to 'git gud' at fighting in preparation for 6.2 Tryco. However, I see a larger picture here, a larger issue, and potentially a solution and excellent feature that could be implemented in the game.

A work around may be to allow practise mode to be used against any champ, and star rating regardless of roster development, however I feel using duel credits and the concept of duelling others accounts rather than my own is a more enjoyable and legit feature; not quite sure why, maybe it's the fact that we get a few reward payouts for a duel, or maybe it's the 'isolated' feeling associated with playing against my own champs, or maybe it's that I only have 5 a day and so with a limit applied the experience has a bit more meaning; a beginning and an end.

-Each day we get a duel target, just one.
-We get a basic small/smaller win/loss payout from the fight, and a second payout from the daily/weekly (?) tab for successful completion of the fight. (The tab down the bottom right with Summoners Journey, etc.)
-This would be an ongoing feature that occurred every day; not tied to monthly quests or special events, etc.
-With 5 duel credits we get 5 attempts at the fight, but only one win payout.
-Successive successful attempts could payout lower or something different, maybe a basic win payout + loss payout.
-Duel targets would be allocated to Summoners based on account progression, perhaps 4 star for conquerors, 5 star for uncollected, 6 star for Cavalier, and special boss targets for TB and Paragon Summoners.

For this to work the accounts would need to be Kabam owned and controlled and not subject to change (rank ups), or some similar situation. I'm kind of thinking along the lines of the arena teams that are not from Summoner accounts; Kangs team, Thanos team (apostrophes are absent; as they are in the game).

Underpinning my thinking are the concepts of engagement and enjoyment, rather than serious challenges and achievements such as those represented by the Summer of Pain, etc. But really, I'd just like to see a robust duel system and a purposeful use of my duel credits. Sometimes I just want to log in and fight someone, rather than complete a whole quest or reach arena milestones. Other times I want to fight a certain champ who has caused problems for me. It'd also be a good option for new champs, mostly because we get buffed boss versions when they are released in the EQ, not 'true' versions.

Thoughts, Summoners?

TrapKill :)
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