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Join us and enjoy with us. Gold 2 alliance, map555 AQ LF for 3 players

Geralt_123Geralt_123 Posts: 595 ★★★
Hey guys!
Currently our 3 players are taking break from the game so we have 3 spot open.
We are Gold 2(400 war ranking) pushing for Gold 1 next season. Do not worry war is mandatory in season only.
In AQ we do map 5 epic mods in all 3 bg and getting 300 million score. 4.4k glory per week.
On top of that we are still chill group which respects personal and game life balance, energetic in war with 150 diversity and attacking path assignment.
We are expecting at least 10k prestige players. Either you are single or group of two or three of similar requirement and interested to join us.
Feel free to message me either on Line(our group who have both line and discord account) or Discord(it is main app for communication).
Line Id: godofthunder537
Discord Id: Geralt Of Rivia#8062


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