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Rip's Cav EQ Exploration Review/Guide

RiptideRiptide Posts: 3,111 ★★★★★
Hey y’all, I figured I’d do a bit of a write-up on this month’s Cav EQ. It was the 2nd month since Cav EQ was created that I enjoyed completion enough to explore it, so here is my overview of the event!

QUEST ONE - Science


Science attackers who knock down an opponent suffering from a powersting, slow, or weakness effect inflict a passive petrify for 10 seconds.

The opponent gains a power passive every 15 seconds, granting 15% max power.

When the opponent would gain power while suffering from a petrify, Science attackers gain a fury passive. (Max 10)

(The other 2 paths have Plagued Mind or Kinetic Transference)

Completion Path

This path was not too hard. I brought a mystic for CMM and ignored the nodes. American Chavez is a tricky fight, but it goes quickly with Torch, or with someone who gains furies quickly. (Ex. Void). Electro also presents a problem, so bring someone who can counter his reflected damage, or deals passive damage. (Ex. Void or Spiderham)

Boss - Red Skull

I wasn’t a big fan of this boss fight. I just ended up nuking him down with my team. I felt like there weren’t any great counters for him.

I would recommend bringing Odin for his prefights and using someone who doesn’t need to knock down the opponent.

Good counters might be: Corvus if you wanna build him up, Guardian and just nuke him in one sp2, or a high damage champ.

Fury worked well for me, even though Red Skull still had spite going.

Other Problem Fights

There is Captain Britain, Omega Sentinel, and Magik on the 2 remaining paths.

Britain isn’t hard to fight, just a newer champ. Her sp1 can be dexed easily, so she is less scary than she initially seems.

OS can be a problem for a lot of people. I would recommend using a science champ to take advantage of the furies. Remember to not use the same basic attack twice in a row. I like alternating heavies with MLML combos.

Magik can be annoying, but the furies from the node will help you get her down quickly.


Science is one of my stronger classes, but the only champs I have that benefit from the node are 5/65 Void and 6* R1 spidergwen. Void took almost every path fight for me.

Other than the boss, I thought this quest was well done.


QUEST TWO - Mystic


Whenever a mystic attacker gains a regen effect, power drain 10 % of the defenders max power.

Whenever the defender is power drained, mystic attackers gain a fury. (Max 10)

Defender has up to 50% protection, based on how much power they have. (More power = more protection).

(Other paths have Power Snack, Outlast, or Ionized Armour)

Completion Path

A trickier path here. I brought Wags for his prefight for Agent venom and Killmonger, although it is not needed. Nimrod and Guilly 2099 could be trickier fights, just remember that Nimrod can go unstoppable after his Sp2, and to knock down guilly to remove her digi-cloak.

Most mystic attackers should be fine here, but there is one attacker that is completely OP. I’ll talk about them in the Thoughts section of this quest.

Boss - Sigil Witch

A really well-designed fight!

The idea is that you have to throw specials to avoid damage from the combo of Languor and Redlining, but throwing specials places a random buff/debuff on you.

I just nuked her down with Torch every run, but other good counters would be buff/nullify immune champs like Spidey 2099, RG, or Thing.

I'm sure you could solo her with most champs though.

Other Problem Fights

There are a few newer champs on the paths, like Sersi and Centurion, but they aren't overly hard to fight.

The fights that could cause a problem are an Ebony Maw and a Night Crawler.

I just Torched Maw, you could also use any other champ, especially if you bought a counter for the SW boss.

Just bring an evade counter for NC. It doesn’t even have to be a mystic, but it’ll save you some stress.


I really liked the design of the boss fight, and the quest overall.

But OG guilly DESTROYS this node. She gains regen on every hit, so the opponent is permanently power locked. You can just spam heavies in the corner, then launch a Sp2 for big bleed damage! My 6* R1 was finishing fights in 8 heavies and an SP2.




Cosmic attackers have a 15% chance for each unique buff on them to gain a vigilance buff every hit.

Any time a Cosmic attacker prevents a miss, they gain a fury. (Max 10)

Faltering mind, and the attacker has -100% defensive ability accuracy while faltered.

Completion Path

A pretty easy path for completion, only mysterio is hard. Just bring someone to armour break him, and he will go down in no time with the furies.

BW and Guardian could also cause trouble.

Remember that BW can fail your parries, and Guardian can autoblock your specials.

Boss - Terrax

Ok, this is probably my favorite Cav EQ boss fight EVER!

The idea is, using a Cosmic attacker, you want to stick close to him in his rock field mode, and gain armour breaks o0n yourself.

Then with each debuff on you, you reduce and reflect his damage.

It all combines for a really fun fight, that is doable with basically any Cosmic champ!

Other Problem Fights

Sauron could cause trouble. He is simpler to fight than you would think, however. Simply push him to Sp2s, and make sure you pay attention to when his unblockable is up.

Next path has YJ and Peni. Remember to watch YJs Meltdown, but you should be able to get him down before he triggers it. Peni is more annoying, but champs like VP and King groot make it easier.


I really loved this boss fight!

The paths were ok, my 3* Odin ended up being the MVP with his prefights.




When mutant attackers knock down the defender with a heavy, they gain an unblockable passive lasting 2 sec for every prowess passive/ any buff they have.

Hitting the defender with an unblockable attack grants a fury passive. (Max 10)

When the defender is stunned, they reduce all future stuns by 20%, unless the attacker has an active buff or prowess passive.

Defender takes 20% less damage from everything but heavy, special, and unblockable attacks.

Completion Path

A trickier path here.

Mangog and Jugs can be a problem, although most mutants will hit really hard with the extra furies. Remember not to finish a 5 hit combo against Mangog.

Misty Knight, Fury and Airwalker are the last 3 fights here. Fury is annoying, but easy enough to counter. Airwalker has some passive damage, but he goes down really quickly. Same with Misty. She can go unblockable, but you should defeat her before that happens.

Boss - MODOKl

I'm not a fan of this boss.

The idea is to be constantly dexing his specials, and never getting auto blocked.

The nodes combine for a bit of a boring fight. I ended up using Wags prefight and AAing him most runs. Fury also does good, especially if you can get unblockable.

I ended up learning how to reliably dex his Sp2 though, so that's good lol

Other Problem Fights

There is a Korg, but this is the mutant chapter, so there are loads of counters.

There is another Sersi, her glancing can be a pain, so use someone who has hard hitting attacks, and doesn't really on damage over time.

Also, a Mephisto. I brought torch with Nova flames, but any incinerate immune mutant would also work.


I liked how the class nod works here, but I didn’t like the boss fight.

MVPs were Colossus, AA, Wags, and Apcoco. Really any mutants should be able to hit cray hard here.


Tech attackers who power drain or burn the opponent apply a passive shock. When the defender is shocked, tech attackers gain a passive fury. (max 5)

If the defender is not shocked, they gain an unblockable passive after their specials attacks.

Completion Path

Thre is a storm PX, just make sure you can dex her sp1, and she is fairly easy. Cap Wilson later on the path can be a bit annoying, but he isn’t too hard.

Overall, a pretty nice path for completion.

Boss - Rintrah

Another boss fight that I just used Torch for lol

The trick here is to never push him into the corner, otherwise he will go unstoppable.

(Side Note: This guy must have crazy energy resistance, as Torchs runs actually took a lot longer than expected)

He can inflict Ruptures on contact, but they don’t do a lot of damage.

He goes unblockable whenever he fails a buff on you, so try not to dex whenever possible.

Overall, a simple sounding fight, that is pretty enjoyable.

Other Problem Fights

There is an Invisible Woman and a Toad. IW is a tricky defender, remember to watch her timers. Toad is newer, but has a small healthpool. Remember to bait whichever special you can dex from him.


I liked this quest. It didn’t feel too repetitive, which is good for the number of paths it has.

Hulkbuster SHREDS this node though. He finishes fights really quickly. The trick is to build to an Sp2, using heavies to gain furies. Then launch it into their block, land a few heavies. Then they are dead lol




Skill attackers purify all non-damaging debuffs on them for every 5 crits they land.

When Skill attackers purify a debuff, gain a passive fury (Max 5)

Passive Heal block (WHY?)

Attackers are inflicted with a debuff every 5 seconds. (Weakness, Disorient, Special Lock)

Completion Path

A nice easy path.

Nova can be a pain, but he goes down quickly enough.

Thing and Ibom can be annoying, but they have plenty of counters in the skill class.

Try and bring someone who can shrug, or is immune to HBs shocks, as they will hurt without Willpower healing.

Boss - Wong

I found this boss fight more annoying than Rintrah, but not too hard overall.

He goes unstoppable in one spell mode, when you gain a buff, so watch your dexes.

Bait Sp1s, because you can sidestep them easily.

Watch his charges. When they hit 100, they deal a burst of damage to you when you hit Wong. Use a heavy to get rid of them.

After you heavy, you get a timer on yourself. IF it expires, it deals a burst of damage. Use a special to remove it.

If you don't use a special when YET ANOTHER timer goes off, you are power and special locked for a few seconds.

Overall, a lot to keep track of, but Torch melts him lol

Other Problem Fights

Kraven, The Champion, Knull, and Nebula can be challenging fights.

Kraven because of his root. Just bait Sp2s, and it'll be easier.

The Champion because of his unstoppable, but he goes down quickly enough with most skill champs.

Knull is annoying. Bait his Sp2. Kingpin does well here, with all the debuffs.

Nebula just cause she is bleed immune, but is easy otherwise.


Another good quest! I didn’t find myself getting bored halfway through.

Fury, Hit Monkey, Flacon, Mole man, Aegon, and King[pin all do great here!


That's it! LMK if you have any questions :)


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    willrun4adonutwillrun4adonut Posts: 3,432 ★★★★★
    Thanks. I’ve already 100% cav eq, but I do like seeing what others struggled with and their suggested counters for bosses or paths.
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    RiptideRiptide Posts: 3,111 ★★★★★
    Wow, sorry y’all.

    I typed it up in Docs, and didn’t realize the formatting didnt transfer over 🤦‍♂️
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    RiptideRiptide Posts: 3,111 ★★★★★

    Thanks. I’ve already 100% cav eq, but I do like seeing what others struggled with and their suggested counters for bosses or paths.

    For sure!

    What was your Favorite boss?

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    willrun4adonutwillrun4adonut Posts: 3,432 ★★★★★
    Riptide said:

    Thanks. I’ve already 100% cav eq, but I do like seeing what others struggled with and their suggested counters for bosses or paths.

    For sure!

    What was your Favorite boss?

    Rintrah was my favorite. I normally don't read new champs abilities and try to just power through it because they're so long. But after him taking down torch and doom r3, I decided to read it.

    I also hate all MODOK fights too.
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