70 mil alliance map 6& platinum wars looking for one asap

Contest of weirdos has 1 spot opening up today and looking to fill asap.

We run map 6 all 3 bgs
Currently P4. Wars are competitive but we don't get hung up on it. We enjoy moving up the ranks but don't sweat it if we don't.

Looking for new member to have diverse enough roster to be able to keep diversity up for defenders. Ideally 2 mil or above account and 12k+ prestige. Most of us are US based but we have other time zones as well and make it work so we are open to different areas.

IGN and LINE- captdeadp00l


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    Captdeadp00lCaptdeadp00l Posts: 186
    We are back to looking for one more to join before aw season kicks off
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