Labyrinth of Legends exploration rewards

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As many of you know, today isn't a big of a deal to complete and explore Labyrinth of Legends anymore. But it still one of the hardest (or only longest) content in game.
What i suggest is a rework or buff of OG Ultron, but not only him being a strong champion by itself, what i would like to see is him have some kind of "Horseman" type of pre-fight ability, wich can buf every champion in game. I think it would make worthy to explore the Labyrinth.
I dont have a idea of what type of abilities he could have to make it worthy to 100%, tell me here if you have a good one.


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    Avengers320Avengers320 Posts: 684 ★★★
    My idea would to give him support-like abilities centered towards #Villains and #Robot champions like White Magneto. Maybe as a self-synergy it could be all champs +10% HP and Villains & Robots get extra ability accuracy or something.
    The prefight would give White Magneto type buffs to all champs and then extra to Villains & Robots
    Enhancing his nano-inhibitors ability and make it similar to Warlock. The inhibitors could lower attack, lower regen rate, lower power gain, etc.
    They could give him different phases too where he inflicts Poison, Shock, and Coldsnap debuffs
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