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Variant 5 AWESOME Synergy-Node relationship

So you know how knull gives his symbiote allies 10 seconds of immortality and fury? Well I decided to test some stuff out.

Case and Point, Variant 5:
For anyone who’s done the fifth variant, you would know that the third chapter’s global node allows symbiote attackers to… well let me show you:


Hits on this defender grant #Symbiote Attackers an indefinite Mitosis Buff. Max Stacks: 10

Genetic Recalibration:

#Symbiote Attackers that Dash Back and Hold block for 1 second consume all available Mitosis Buffs into a Genetic Calibration effect for 1 second per buff consumed. Genetic Calibration reduces Defender ability accuracy by 1000% and increases attacker buff duration by 100%, and Heavy Attack damage by 500%

Focus on the increase in buff duration.

So, you go into a fight with Knull in the team and (my preference) Summoned Symbiote then you trigger Genetic Calibration, and then you get butchered and then K.O.

Or so you think…..

Suddenly your symbiote attacker is resurrected with 20 seconds of of indestructible and fury.

This is a game-changer in the middle of a match.

What are your thoughts?

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