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Roster And 6.3 Help

edited May 2022 in Strategy and Tips

I posted a while ago for 6.1.5 now I ask for 6.3 and roster help.
I have a 5 star tech, and mystic awakening gem.
I don’t know if I should rush act 6 or wait for the nerf next month, which seems very far away.
Any tips for ranking up? I lack gold, but I plan on r5ing cap iw, trying to rank up dragon man as a side project, bwcv, and….. who else should I rank up?

I can’t ask for this advice enough. Im dying for tips, and I feel lost. Please help.


    Bonus: I really wanna pass through act 6, and become thronebreaker, so tips on 6.4 will be extremely appreciated too.
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