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AI aggression, open dialogue and customer service

MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 2,139 ★★★★
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Both staggered and disappointed to see @BitterSteel 's post closed.

I'm genuinely surprised about how this is being handled.

We know the AI is squiffy compared to before. From the huge complaints around the AI tweaks on map 2, 3 and 4 last year (including Seatin's joke vid on that topic) to the AI reactions now, particularly under taunt and infuriate, it's clear something is up.

We all know that the AI must have been tweaked to eliminate perpetual back draft intercepts, which now only work against weapon x when enraged.

Likewise, anyone who uses Hercules knows that being able to back draft under infuriate has a high chance of having your special blocked, light combo'd if you medium and stutter walk and light counter if you light.

The AI in the challenges does not have the same aggression as before. Is this the issue? Has aggression been toned down to accommodate removing backdraft cheese with magik and allowing for infuriate to exist?

Saying it's not been changed when everyone can see that it has been, will make people question the wisdom in continuing to invest in this game.

Open dialogue, not a statement and shutting the thread down, is the way that this should be handled.

The AI behaviour is different.

It's indisputable.

Stating it's not been changed, indicates to the player base, that something else has changed; perhaps the aggression rating?

Address it, look into it, keep the thread open, add it to the "ask the devs", get Dave to write something on it....

Instead... Shutting down that thread, without any engagement, containing considered, measured, constructive posts from dedicated, spending players, many of whom make the forums worth visiting?

Phenomenally disappointing.
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    RedTide75RedTide75 Posts: 29
    There are many distinct changes… I use quake for almost everything… even the basic hitting rhythm has changed. First hit supersonic speed .. then a mashup of medium speed, fast speed… and then randomly so slow that it disrupts your quake / evade and you get hit when quake is supposed to auto evade. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kabam never admits the problems.
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    Kabam ZibiitKabam Zibiit Posts: 7,033
    Hey there, as we mentioned in that thread, we have not made any changes to the AI. We also mentioned that it is possible for something to affect the AI unintentionally and that we have been passing along reports from players for the team to look into. We would ask that if someone thinks they've run into a bug that is affecting the AI, they send in a report about it with as much detail as they can about what they are seeing. Having specific details is vital to our investigations and can make a huge difference. You can submit a report to our Support Team here or in the Bugs and Known Issues section using our bug report template here.
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