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Control issues and the impact

BuggyDClownBuggyDClown Posts: 2,003 ★★★★★
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This is the worst phase.
I lost easy fights in Aw today which i used to fight many times before. I never made a post about losing fight in AW due to this issues.

Its impact is severe. Mentally, it crushes the confidence of player. Imagine playing as boss killer from last season and suddenly your champ start to throw heavies out of blue making you to throw the phone shattering the Guarding glass. And its T2 and you are tight spot already. Not only impact the investors but also kills zeal for Competitive mode too.
I never asked for compensation but was it good idea to stop it before FIXING THE PROBLEMS? Plus there is no definite timeline. Beta doesn't helped that much. There have been really communication gap. So when do devs actually will listen and give clarity and proper answers rather than dodging it. If you are stoping a certain relief package , that means problem have been solved. But that isn't the case.
Occurance of problem is not that great deal but where it have been coming up and how frequent it is important. This is not first time happening to me. But it is happening too much from last 2 updates is more frustrating.
One cant be silent for a long time. This is enough. One can bear consequence in solo mode but competitive mode is different.
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