Last Nights maintenance

Was something modified in last night's maintenance? Ever since then, both last night and today(I haven't had the chance to update yet), the amount of times my block is mistimed(causing me to be hit) and a swipe for a medium becomes a heavy has increased drastically. Normally, it is just annoying and I deal with it as part of the problems you have been unable to correct since 12.0, but it seems abnormally bad right now, especially in Story quest mode.


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    FORTJFORTJ Posts: 24
    Nothing was modified during the maintenance.
    The new quests were preloaded with the update.
    The bugs were there before.
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    Pc__Pc__ Posts: 1
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    NarcuulNarcuul Posts: 115
    I understand they were there before, I am saying it has been considerably worse since the maintenance.
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