We have won the war in an hour and a half. And I feel shame and pride at the same time

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Hello. First of all, I wanted to sympathize with our war rivals: they have done much better than us and would have deserved victory against any other rival.

In our alliance we are six people, five of which also have a second account. In total, eleven accounts, so we only opened one wargroup.

We've been playing like this for quite some time and it's enough for us. We have known each other for a long time, we live in the same region and that facilitates a climate of calm and trust.

The handicap is that when yesterday's happens, we find ourselves in a hurry. It turns out that there was a very strong electrical storm and the main telecommunications providers were without service for many hours. This caught us in the middle of the attack phase in the last war. By the time we were able to connect, the war was less than two hours away.

As you can see in the first two screenshots, when we started attacking there was 1h 36 minutes of war left and the adversary had already completely surrounded our final boss and had explored most of the map.

In the WhatsApp group we devised a desperate strategy to at least save a good handful of points for the war season.

1.- Complete two lines in the first third of the map.
2.- Complete three lines in the second third of the map.
(For points 1 and 2 we assign paths.)
3.- Eliminate all sub-bosses.
(We assign paths)
4.- Inform the group of the progress.
5.- Eliminate the final boss in the last 5 minutes of the war.

This strategy, which we have already used successfully twice in the past (in this case, against opponents extremely stronger than us and not due to external factors), pursued two objectives:

1.- Advance to the final boss as soon as possible.
2.- Accumulate as many charges as possible (from Corvus, Aegon, Cull Obsidian and Hercules).
3.- Do not draw the rival's attention to our strategy, deliberately keeping the progress level of the war low.

We eliminated the final boss with exactly 59 seconds of war left. At that time, our rivals, who had given up on beating our boss, unsuccessfully tried to take him down with only a few seconds left to finish the war and were unable to defeat him.

In war stats we were outclassed on all counts except defender diversity and time spent in the fight (this last point was logical, since we completed far fewer lines).

If we hadn't designed this strategy, betting everything on defeating the boss, we would have stayed at 17,350 points for our rival's 26,720. Perhaps with more exploration on some easy paths we would have reached 20,000 or 22,000, but it would still not be enough for us to dispute the victory nor would we add much for the season.

By selling to the boss we got 20,000 more points, that is, 37,350, which already helped us to prevail over our rivals, who, as I said, under normal circumstances would have won this war more than enough.

In summary, what is the object of this message? On the one hand, criticizing the unfair system of war scores and the excessive weight given to defeating the final boss during the war season. On the other, remember that a good strategy can make the impossible possible.


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    Poor kids they could have won by somehow getting your boss down anyway great work by you guys
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    I am in an alliance of 4. Have yet to fail taking down opponent boss but always lose. :D
  • EscornaboiEscornaboi Posts: 2,425 ★★★
    Krishna24 said:

    Poor kids they could have won by somehow getting your boss down anyway great work by you guys

    Thank you very much for your words. I believe that, with our limited options, we have maximized the effort, and that makes me proud. However, you will agree with me that the end result does not look fair. I think Kabam should readjust the scores of the different concepts, at least during the war seasons.
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    All I noticed is your 6* profile pics. One of them is great.
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    @Escornaboi sorry it took ME so long to reply to you replying to my post 😔

    I thank you for understanding and yes, I do think it’s unfair but unfortunately it is a part of this game. And as you can see, MANY people could care less about fair play and believe in “win by any means”. They are correct in the fact you did something a lot of alliances literally do on purpose. I was in one such alliance for quite some time. They also “sandbagged” to maintain their matchmaking status so as to not get stronger opponents but keep getting decent rewards. I had issues with such gameplay, ESPECIALLY because 99% of the people in that alliance were GREAT people “behind the scenes”… supportive of each other, supportive of me when I was in the hospital, etc…so this was hard for me to come to grips with. Eventually I parted ways but still loved those people personally. I wish it were different but the way Kabam has made the game allows for this kind of playing and actual hard work is rarely rewarded appropriately. That said, I have tried to think of ways to even the field - in your case, maybe they should still be given season points for your war based on what they used (resources: boosts, revives, and amount of lost champ fights) that way even in a loss it was worth the work put in somehow…

    I think the scoring needs to be revamped altogether, but I know they have tried a LOT of different things to even get to this point…
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