How to play Black Cat?

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I just got her as 5* and I have a R3 KM

Whats her rotation?


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    Thanks @SpideyFunko

    -Best uses for her are non-bleed immune fights with constant defensive ability accuracy triggers. But she can also be very effective for bleed immune fights as long as there are defensive ability triggers.
    -Her combo meter (as it increases) gradually lowers the opponent's defensive ability triggers. With her sp2's sabotage mode, she can apply 100% DAAR.
    -Biggest damage comes from her sp2 for most fights, as well as her biggest bleeds.
    -Failed ability triggers also deal chip damage. Some cases, these trigger very often and become the biggest source of damage.
    -Her rotations feel like Tigra's, but she doesn't have the heavy charge Miss mechanic so she'll have to dex or alot more space for the opponent's special attacks.
    -Build cruelties by punishing opponent heavies and specials, with your own heavies if possible. So spacing is also relevant with her playstyle.
    -Like other champs, practice is the best way to learn her and bring out her max potential.
    -At the very least, practice first to know whether or not you like/enjoy her playstyle. If not, there are other champs that can do what she does, just in a different way.
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