Anyone play on the Realme GT master edition? SD778g

GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 1,772 ★★★★
Hey everyone.
Just wondering if anyone is playing on the Realme GT master edition with the snapdragon 778g chip.
Will be getting a new phone in 10 days and am still debating between de Motorola Edge 20 and the Realme GT master edition.
Both have a SD778g chip. But am wondering if the UI of the Realme will slow it down.
I know the Edge 20 has loading time for fight of about 3 - 3,5 seconds. Among the fastest in the SD 778g chips.
If you are playing on this phone. What are your loading times on mission fights?
If it is the same the only consideration I still have to make is if I want to accept all the bloatware as a compromise to a smaller formfactor and faster charging.
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