Laggy game and freezing

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Anyone's game extra laggy today? It's almost unplayable, my game even froze a couple of times. This is not cool for war or aq. I went into a battlegrounds fight with 30 seconds already elapsed.

Playing on S22, with cellular data and on wifi
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    No worry, lagging in iOS platform too. Not yet totally unplayable but it is very close. Always worry of force quit during daily side quest. The loading logo suddenly prompt up during the fight.
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    It's bad. Everything takes twice as long to do or more
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    It's pretty brutal having to restart the game every Interaction due to infinite loading screen and the connection error sign. Along with stuttery gameplay now and then, roll out Carina's care package when stability wise the game is In a worse place. Seems smart.
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    Supposed to be a hotfix sometime later this week...
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    Just installed the hotfix, think it actually made it worse.
    OnePlus 7Pro (Android 10)
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    still the same for me even after applying the hot fix that went live ~1h ago.
    Poco x3 Pro
    Android 12L
    36.0.1 game version
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    So if todays update was suppose to be the hot fix. It definitely didn’t fix anything.
    This is what I’m getting almost every 10 mins or so. Phone is up to date. Phone is full bars. Tried it on Wi-Fi and same thing.
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  • n00bslayer47n00bslayer47 Posts: 14
    It was bad yesterday but its unplayable today. I love how they are working on a new game mode when servers are this terrible. Literally lost my past 2 battle ground matches because it either timed out or my game stutters right when the enemy attacks.
  • n00bslayer47n00bslayer47 Posts: 14
    i know for a fact its not my internet or my device. I can load and stream videos with little to no buffer speed.
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