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Is there going to be an update on when the games control input issues and server will get more storage so the game doesn’t lag and have all these issues?
The game is absolutely horrible right now Jax. Many of my team are not playing as much as they used to because the load times, the horrible lag in the frames, the control control input issues. It seems like it’s one thing after another man. Why is kabam putting so much time in these new bells and whistles when they should be focusing on restoring the state of the game. It feels like kabam can’t fix it so add all these other things as a smoking mirror… can we get some solid answers @KabamJax?


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    The game is almost unplayable. Load screens take forever, constantly losing connections. Still ridiculous buggy behavior in aqs! Seems to be connected to the doom bots as they happen almost exclusively when the cycle includes the doombots, such as debuffs being put on our champs when they should not, evade and parry not working, inputs still not working.
    Locked on the final screen then booted out to lose half your health when you already won the fight!
    This is getting tiresome and costly. The game is going down the toilet faster and faster!
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    We are losing more people in our alliance every day due to this.
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    Current update is absolute BS! Block is and are not working at all 80% of the time. How are we suppose to fight a fair war if our control input won’t work yet the AI can attack over and over again while we can not block! @kabamJax please please bring this to the teams attention.
    I just fought terrax in AW and I have full 5g bars and Wi-Fi bars and terrax was able to attack me 3 times in a row all while I couldn’t do a thing about it. This is not fair!!!!!!
    The game has been way more glitchy and the controls feel way more sticky. The new update is far worse man. This is not fair at all.
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    I agree with everything stated above. I’m on an iPad Pro with m1.
    We’re losing 1-2 alliance members every week to other week because of these bugs. Any clarity is appreciated.
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    I flipped the beta back on after a couple months…. Block is working for me I’d say 80% of the time , but now I’m dealing with my champs moving in a different direction on their own.

    Also the AI is absolute garbage and way too passive for an Aggressive mode like Battlegrounds, War, or Legends Run. right now, I assume as a result of Battlegrounds or Eternity of Pain.
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    I love the fact that I am routinely unable to finish a 5 hit combo and/or chain a special in any type of combo, make the game really fun....
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    I can’t even log in right now. Just stays in loading and says no connection. I have great Wi-Fi, and data service. I’ve restarted my phone, the game, cleared all my tabs yet nothing. This update is garage
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    MongoPawn said:

    @Kabam Mike
    @Kabam Porthos
    @“Kabam Jax”
    Anyone home? Could we please get an update?

    working as intended lol
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    So this thread has been up a week with multiple mods tagged. Yet it’s all radio silence.

    But yet we see lots of posts. “Moved to correct category” by a certain mod. And lots of requests to “use the bug report” by an other mod.

    But no comments on this one. Just seems like they are picking and choosing which ones to answer and which ones to ignore.

    just the ones that are appropriate for a form letter
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    The game is absolutely horrible right now. The lag and control input are at their worst. In my opinion I feel like since they gave that weak comp package they don’t need to fix the game. It was supposed to get better yet it got worse. That shows me they aren’t even trying to invest money in the server space so at least the lag stops. My dex and parry are like non-existent and the lag is so bad I can the games jumping, gets the AI is not affected at all. This is total BS. I’m losing teammates more so then ever or my team doesn’t want to play cause the game is so bad. We lost more war this season cause the lag and control input issues. My whole team is ready to quit. Fix the game Kabam before all your players walk away.
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    Timing is off (could be user based), game is lagging, connectivity is sub par. Just sucking the fun right out of the game. Oh, and matchmaking could use a look. This is my first actual post. Been playing for 3+ years. Spend money but not a bunch. Looking for more fun than the game is currently producing. Bugs are draining. Please address and send updates when possible.
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