BattleGround Champion - Taskmaster

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Welcome to Battle ground champions where we take a champion and discuss if they are good in Battlegrounds for our first we got Taskmaster let's get into it

So Taskmaster if awakened is a good offensive champion for Battlegrounds and with his passive ability to go full immune at 10 debuffs he can fully counter some champions and one example of this is Havok
For the same reason with his passive he can be good on Defense against players that don't know about this and they might try debuff spam characters and then Taskmaster takes control, this works against people who like to use spam champions with armor break like CGR and Debuffs like Mr Negative and Archangel.
Due to his awakened ability giving concussions he can take down defense champions like Spidermen and remove the evades or other champions like Hyperion with his Power Gain
Also he gains a more durable shield every time the opponent hits his block making him withstand more hits from Corvus or other powerhouses

So if you are looking for a fun and strong champion for your Battlegrounds team pick up Taskmaster


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    i knew this was you max

    still haven’t changed love to see it
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    I assume White Magneto will prove he is not up to Task?
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