Get it together Kabam

It's been a few months now since the 12.0 disaster that Kabam unleashed onto the Marvel world and I still question the state of the game every day. The amount of expensive micro-transactions are drastically increasing yet the stability of the game is not.
12.1 – fixed some of the garbage you gave us in 12.0. Plus you threw in a bunch freebies and rank down/rank up tickets to help us better align our rosters for the changes. – Clearly you believe the solution to all problems is some free stuff but not to fix the root problems.
13.0 – more garbage not as disastrous as the 12.0 update but nonetheless ridden with bugs that resulted in the need to either fail or spend loads of cash to complete some of the games higher level content.
So how did you handle 13.0 – well you acknowledged all the issues and then instead of prioritizing development to fix them you released numerous $29.99, $49.99 and $99.99 paytowin packages. Then FINALLY you released 13.1 which seemed to be a step in the right direction although that only lasted about 2 days before the game became riddled with login issues.

You all really need to take a step back and look at the direction you are moving in with this game. Focusing solely on pushing more micro-transactions might suffice in the short term for your wallets and those big blubbery whales (credit to Seatin) you seem to cater too but in the long term if you can’t figure out how to appropriately QA the larger releases and eventually start to push stable releases you’ll continue to anger the vast majority of players eventually causing them to leave the contest.

It’s time to get it together Kabam – I might just be one person, but it’s clear to everyone that your player population’s perception of the organization and game is heading in the wrong direction.
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