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This Thread was created for you to create boss fights here are the guidelines with examples

Name Your Defender [Silver Centurion]
Name the nodes max 8 [Typhoon] [Static Defense Shock Tether Crit] [Me with Your Best Shot] Shockingly [Brilliant] [Boost Buff Armor] [Civil War Zone] Cosmic Fracture] Enhanced parry armor break

Name the strategy/counters With This Fight You Want Cosmic champs who can crit Herc/Cgr Corvus shock immune also helps Hulkling Ikaris You need to armor break CapIW The enhanced parry helps deal with the armors and or nullify Doom Claire

Misc. The Healthpools are around an average boss in act 7 and you can only use 1 champ
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    Buttehrs said:

    Sooo basically make an EoP fight and give your counter for it lol.

    yeah lol

    what is that fight op
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    Bishop do you bleed
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    Bishop do you bleed

    +100% energy damage
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    Omega Red

    Surging Vengeance
    Power Drain/Lock Immune
    Passive Power Gain (+3% max power per second)
    *New node* Hit and Run
    - Parrying after a 5-hit combo applies a stacking Petrify that reduces power gain by 125% for 4 seconds.
    Close Encounters
    Heal and Hide
    Bubble Shield
    Combo Party
    *New node* Advanced Mutation
    - Robots take 1% max health per second per spores active on them

    Main playstyle is to reverse the passive power gain by doing a full combo and a parry to apply petrifies and not let him throw an SP3. Combined with close encounters and heal and hide, getting the perfect rhythm will grant you a big boost with combo party.

    No mutant allowed because of Kitty.
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