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Dr. Voodoo Odd/Even combos rotating in combat?

I recently Duped my 4* Voodoo and R5 him and started really learning how to use him. Very useful, but his combos are not landing consistently. I will use an even combo and keep the possession and do it again with the same combo count on the next special and it will transfer the possession. Then on the 3rd try it will switch again. Am I not getting something? It keeps rotating and I have experimented with this, going even then odd on the next in order to keep the possession. It's rotating the effect.

LG V20 Android 7


  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 671 ★★★
    Using a special with an odd combo passes it.
  • chaos3430chaos3430 Posts: 126
    I understand that, but when I do it twice, the second time it passes back to me on an odd. I have tried to do nothing but even combos and it went keep, pass, keep, pass, keep. same 4 hit combo every time.
  • chaos3430chaos3430 Posts: 126
    I prefer to keep it atleast until the regen is done because it buffs it. And I prefer to keep it when doing power drain, but i keep passing it on even combos every other try,
  • Isman1998Isman1998 Posts: 520 ★★★
    If you do a 5 combo that's odd and you are at 5 hits. If you do another 5 combo it adds up to 10 and that even. It goes off the hits you landed.
  • chaos3430chaos3430 Posts: 126
    OK that makes more sense. Does it reset with the hit counter? Or is it it's own hit counter that you have to keep track of in your head?
  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 693
    It doesn't matter if the combo counter resets, a reset doesn't affect existing Brother Daniel possession at all. It only matters what the combo counter reads when you hit the special button (also 0 is even combo). Once you figure this out you'll really unlock his abilities. Both of his specials are two hits, so you can see what the count is afterward to verify if you did it the way you wanted. He just has a little bit of a learning curve.
  • GreenstrokeGreenstroke Posts: 291
    And even/odd combo is determined once you launch your combo, not after you land it, so like doing a 5 hit combo + special is an odd combo, and doing 6 hit combo + special is even combo
    L1 and l2 both hit twice, so doesnt really matter to that what i just pointed out. LoL
  • chaos3430chaos3430 Posts: 126
    That helps a lot, thanks for your help.
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