Come out to play guide WITHOUT KNULL OR ANTI VENOM

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One last run to end it all.... at least until Carina gives us a third volume of challenges. Went down path 1 before taking the fork towards goblin:

The Squad:
6* R3 sig 20 fishbowl (mysterio)
4* R1 peni parker
6* R2 sig 20 miles
6* R2 sig 20 gwen
5* R5 sig 40 symbiote supreme

The Stash:
3024 units
Max l1 revives plus 10 in stash
1 team revive
Lots of L3 and L4 potions
50 free crystals
Lots of small boosters

Masteries: same as my carina's challengers run, had 3/5 MD for SS and no suicides.

Journey to the Colle- I mean Green Goblin:
Thing was a straightforward fight, just watch the rock stacks and you'll be fine. This is where I will introduce the typical Mysterio rotation for the run:

Build 3 gas (double medium)
Spam heavy until sp3
Parry stun then launch sp3. You can then run in immediately and do a double medium to build gas again
Build 3 gas ASAP and spam heavy
Rinse and repeat until dead

This rotation along with the peni synergy makes mysterio an insane damage dealer whenever he can poison. Was able to solo thing before he hit the first enrage.

Omega was annoying since he is poison immune, so miles did a lot of heavy lifting here. For this run I used the following cheese strat:

Play normally until opponent is about to hit the final enrage
Bait specials and keep the opponent's power as low as possible when they enrage. Make sure you also have the heavy attack taunt on the opponent since they get a 2 bar power gain when they enrage.
Once they enrage, play aggressive and keep spamming heavy in the corner so that they keep throwing specials. Make sure you take your finger off the left side of the screen since blocking stops the invisibility.
Enjoy the unblockable miss cheese

This was used on most of the miles fights, however omega was an outlier since his death spores will kill you if you stay too close for too long. Make sure you get away from him once in a while to ensure that you remove the spores. 1 revive.

Quake was a nuisance. Use the fishbowl rotation, pray you get some crits, and watch out for the sp1. 2 revives.

Medusa was fairly straightforward. I used SS and cycled sp3 while also firing off sp2s when all 3 blessings are active. If the opportunity presents itself you can hold the sp3 and wait until medusa gains her furies before firing it off and getting power via MD. 3 revives used since a couple of bad evades got me.

Mephisto was a slog. I used gwen since both mysterio and miles do not work for this fight. Play slow and aside from a quick sp1 to get the final charge only use heavy and sp3. Bait mephisto's sp1 and stay away when he has the aura. 2 revives, boost here if you can.

CMM was a bit annoying. Although SS is a mystic champ with energy damage you are constantly gaining massive amounts of power throughout the fight which causes you to take huge amounts of damage. Play aggressive and dump specials asap to prolong your survival. 2 revives.

Now ghost, for some reason, was awful. I have no idea what happened but I crashed and burned hard on this fight.
I used mysterio for this fight, but the power steal would never line up the way I wanted it to. On several occasions, I got 2 bars of power and ghost had just under a bar of power when I was about to trigger the power steal. This meant I had 2 options:

Throw the sp2 which would consume my gas and require me to build it up again
Or land another heavy which would push her to sp3 and kill me

A combination of me underestimating this fight and me playing badly cost me dearly. I should not have died so much on this fight. 4 revives.

IMIW wasn't much better. He has the same power steal node as ghost, but he also requires reparrying. On top of that, his final 15% was a nightmare. He would constantly gain power and spam specials while my abyss charges constantly drained. This made it very easy to either run out of hits or push him to sp3, both of which resulted in fishbowl's untimely demise. 5 revives with mysterio, 4 of which were spent on the final 15%.

Joe fixit was a cheese fest, but also an absolute slog. Use miles, pray he doesn't roll hearts and win. Joe's power gain buffs help when pushing him to a special threshold however it is also wise for you to save a sp3 in case it starts becoming a problem. Managed to get a 40 minute solo with miles. Very good fight to boost on.

Mordo was another long fight. Use gwen and wait for the power gain to trigger. Once mordo goes on the defensive, land a heavy attack to get the slow. You can then spam heavy when he is stunned until mordo hits the first enrage, after which the strategy will no longer work since he gets increased ability accuracy. At this point, play normally until you die. 2 revives.

VTD was silly. Use SS cycle and bait his sp1 to nullify the 10 buffs and get power. 3 revives, but an insane amount of fun.

Howard was another fishbowl fight. 3 revives. Watch out for the processing at 60% and 30%.

Hyperion wasn't a fun time with SS since he doesn't have many buffs, however the bleed damage still puts in work here. 3 revives.

Champion was basically the same as hyperion except there is less annoying power gain. 3 revives.

Now for the main event, Green goblin....

Mysterio is an excellent counter to this fight since his poisons aren't affected by the shield charge. Use the fishbowl rotation and try not to take too much block damage from his specials. Died to a failed sp2 evade so I used 3 revives on this fight. Boost here if you want but honestly the fights are still a reasonable length without.

And on that note, all of the abyss challenges have now been completed!

Final cost:
600 units. Used them to buy 15 single revives but I only used 9 of them.
All of my stashed revives and potions.
All of my free crystals, got 2 revives and lots of potions from them so yay
Quite a few small boosts for the bigger fights.

Final tips and thoughts
1. If you have anti-venom, you might want to consider taking the path 3/1 hybrid. Miles can cheese luke cage and anti venom can provide heal reversal for oml.
2. This is in my opinion the most aggravating and tiring abyss challenge BY FAR using this team. Make sure you take breaks and be prepared to get frustrated with some of the fights.
3. If @Mysterio doesn't comment on this I will be very disappointed. All hail fishbowl.
4. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE THE ABYSS PATH, the challenge will be completed as soon as goblin is defeated, so no need to plan for the collector and the other fights.
5. I only have 1 challenge left in vol 2 (revolution). Please bring it back asap so I can rank 4 herc.

Cheers everyone!


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    30ish30ish Posts: 177 ★★
    That was some fun homie. I did my run with knull, antivenom, symbiote supreme, miles & stealthy. This abyss run was enjoyable !

    Glad you made the write up for this though, I know it’s pretty exciting when you put all the work which in turn makes you happy.
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    Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 871 ★★★★
    30ish said:

    That was some fun homie. I did my run with knull, antivenom, symbiote supreme, miles & stealthy. This abyss run was enjoyable !

    Glad you made the write up for this though, I know it’s pretty exciting when you put all the work which in turn makes you happy.

    Yeah I reckon the run would've been easier with knull. However I didn't want to wait for him as I don't own him in any capacity.
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    @Grootman1294 The fisbowl approves!
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