New Accounts and 6* coming soon-ish

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With 6*'s coming, is it really worth using any T2a and T4c to rank 5 4* and Rank 4 5*?

If you are a new player and wasn't part of the original push for prestige prior to the announcement of 6*s, is it really worth using said resources till we know what we need for 6*'s?

Do new players who complete Act 4, get 4 x T2a and stock up on T4s have an advantage in this area vs those who have very well established accounts when the 6* drop?

Very interested it knowing the community's thoughts on this. One of my junior accounts is in this very situation, many T4c, T4b and 6 x T2a, not one Rank 5 4* or Rank 3+ 5*


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    Honestly that's for very super end game players to worry about. Right now I just want to focus on getting more 5* to r4. I don't have a single 6* shard.
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    As for holding what you got maybe not a bad idea. We are only a couple of months away from 2018. Don't know if it is a good idea to suspend all growth. But making sure your not on empty as much as possible be more selective than usual, and waiting a little longer cant for act 4 if a noob gets through it he's a hacker...if a guy has played straight and finished four he has all that coming to him! He damn well earned it.
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    Act 4 is very doable with only a Rank 4 4*, I used a few resources but it wasn't that difficult, especially due to having done it before on my main account.
  • You sound like a hater/ crybaby no disrespect I'm sleepy so couldn't find anither way to put it some people dreaded completing act 4 while vets did it with no problem and some people are finally getting the chance to beat it don't see your point here
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    Yeah, I think you've missed the point, maybe its because your sleepy.
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