Juggernaut and Grandmaster

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So let me start by saying I really am enjoying the Juggernaut buff. He is fun, and feels like you expect him to be ( an unstoppable hard hitting champ) so to me that’s a successful buff. Now I’m wondering if he can be useful to me. I’m still struggling with Grandmaster ( I took a break from trying and want to build up my potion and unit inventory) but I’m going to try him again soon. Since Juggernaut is immune to reverse control and can get buffs and inflict debuffs im thinking about putting him on my Grandmaster attack team. Has anyone with experience fighting Grandmaster played Jugs enough to have a feel if he’d be viable for the 3rd stage of that fight?
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  • Denslo500Denslo500 Posts: 815 ★★★
    Theoretically, he’d be great.
    3rd phase requires great intercepting and he is awesome.
    Add in the immunity to reverse controls and bring Colossus for the synergy (also solid phase 1-2 option).

    Wish I would have had him.
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    Yep, he would be good for it. Might be a bit slow though.
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