Minimizing Game Causes Crash Every Time

Device and Version: Pixel 5
Device Operating System: Android 12
Mobile Carrier: Verizon
Cellular or WiFi: Both
Game Version Installed: 36.1.0
Game Mode: Anywhere
Champions Affected: N/A
Active Boosts: N/A

Description of the Issue: Since last month's update, anytime I switch app focus from the game (i.e. minimize the game to go into Discord, answer a phone call, reply to a text message, etc.), when I switch back to the game, the game has crashed and reloads from the Marvel screen. I used to be able to minimize and refocus back to the game without issue.

This has caused me to lose progress in a lot of longer fights and after the game reloads, I return to see the "recover fight" screen if it was the first time it has crashed mid-fight in a while, or to find my champ with 50% health if the game had crashed mid-fight recently.


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