Need 2 players. 10 million Aliance 5x5 AQ. Tier 2 war (2062 rating)

We are looking for 2 players for our alliance (JnJ). We placed 911 in last AQ. Our priority is war where our rating is 2062 and we are in tier 2. Our donations are 135k gold, 30k BC, and 12.5k loyalty. We max out completion. We normally finish duels. We almost always max out item use.

We would prefer a player with at least 4600 prestige. US time zone would be best but we can talk about that. Would be really nice to add someone with a couple of really nice defenders. Like a 4/55 Magik lol.

We are a pretty laid back group and everyone handles their business. Most of our members have been together a long time. We use Line for communication. If anyone is interested reply here or contact AnomanderPurake on Line or in game.
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