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Missing rewards & EOP points due to not being able to log in after updating my game

I updated my game a day before & I couldn't log in for more than 24 hours. I was hoping to complete the 4th week of EOP objectives on the last day. But, since I was not able to log in, I never got the opportunity to log in. I am a TB player & I completed the full 9 points in the previous 3 weeks. I was aiming to get to 16 points & get my 1st r4 champ after getting the EOP rewards. But, now I can no longer do that due to an issue which was beyond my control. And, let's not bother about other time based rewards & missing arena time which were also lost. So, is there any chance to get compensation or at least another day to complete the 4th week Warlock EOP points due to the log in issue?


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    Zaman1495Zaman1495 Posts: 4
    I wanted to do all the objectives in 1 fight. So, I took my 5* Howard the duck from r1 to r5 for the EOP fight & I could not do that until the glory rewards from AQ was handed out. I also wanted to switch off my willpower mastery for the fight & I did not want to do that until the AW season was over. Besides, that's not the point. The issue is: I knew I had an entire day in my hand & due to their faulty update it was gone.
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    Zaman1495Zaman1495 Posts: 4
    Seriously dude??!! What's the point of providing a timeline then if it can scratched off through their own fault. And, EOP is not regular gameplay material, one may need to take time & practice to complete that.
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    Pussa69Pussa69 Posts: 1
    I'm trying to login the game and it's not possible, I'm missing the last war of the season and is really frustrating, pls fix out this issue
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    ShivacruxShivacrux Posts: 415 ★★★

    You had an entire week to do the EOP fight.
    Why wait till the last to do it?

    No he didn't he had only 6 days
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