Join Us! AQ Map 5, AW Gold 2

"World Wide Alliance" is looking for 2-3 new members! We want people who will run AQ with us on an ongoing basis, as well as participate in "most" of the wars during the seasons. If you happen to run incursions, that's a bonus, but not required.

We primarily run AQ map 5, and earn 4300-4400 glory each week. We throw in some map 6 to shake things up every now and again, which gets us to higher milestones and rewards. For modifiers, we choose four heroic and one master. This is kind of a sweet spot, balancing better rewards with less aggravation. (A lot of what we do focuses on that balance...)

For AW, we run two groups and finish seasons in gold 2. Keeping it limited to two groups, with people able to rotate in and out, gives us more flexibility to handle real life commitments. Not caring about off-seasons at all helps with burnout. We fight at tiers 6-8, so new members need to be strong enough to handle that level of competition. That generally means at least mid-level cavalier, if not thronebreaker. We typically stay below tier 5, and thus manage to avoid things like defensive tactics and attacker bans--once again, balancing rewards against aggravation.

We keep a relaxed atmosphere, with just enough "push" to make sure things are taken care of. Most of us are adults with permanent careers, and everybody is responsible for choosing and completing their own lanes. No prestige requirements, no rank-up requirements, no specific defender requirements, no spending or item use requirements... We don't much care HOW you do it, as long as it gets done!

We use Discord instead of Line. Catch up with me there (Adjerius#0265), and let's see if our goals align with yours!


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