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Purgatory Buff

I really enjoy playing Purgatory, and I've been thinking about this for a while. So I decided what the heck, might as well post it. What's the worst that could happen?

Soul Shards: As an ability, it all feels fairly lack luster as it requires several fights to stack up, the bonuses are mid-tier at best, they take too long during a fight to gain and they fall off over the course of the quest (which makes the investment required feel pointless). Additionally the large majority of her synergies try to help this ability but don't really change much because the ability is overall sad...
The buffs I've been considering would be

Anytime either champ fills a bar of power, gain a Soul Shard. As a defender Purgatory would only gain 2 shards whenever she fills a bar.

Current Rintrah Synergy becomes baseline (Capture Souls last for 2 additional Fights (4 Total)).
And change it to: Captured Souls grant +10% Additional attack rating.

Her awakened ability be changed to say: Increase the duration of Mystic, Cosmic, Skill Captured Souls by 1-35% and the potency of Tech, and Mutant Captured Souls by the same amount "per Captured Soul".
Make "Winning the fight in Demonic Rampage or with a Special Attack instantly captures the Opponent's Soul." Baseline.

Demonic Rampage: Some extra Utility, and some extra damage is all this needs to be spicy.
Add: While in Demonic Rampage all personal Incinerate effects on the opponent are paused. (Incinerate max stack 5) Best I got off this was against an extremely aggressive AI with perfect intercepts and I stacked it to 3, for maybe 0.10 seconds and it ticked for about 1100 damage with the Sym Supreme Synergy.

Anytime Purgatory spends Power (Via Special attacks or Medium combo ender) She power drains 10% of a bar of power from the opponent. This would allow her to more reliably go off on an opponent without fear of pushing to an Sp3. Because we all love being forced to try and bait a Special and just wasting your entire Rampage duration as they hold block in the corner.

Adjust "+X (6* R1 Lvl 25 gains +1788) Attack rating." By adding "This effect gains +5% Potency per Captured Soul." So at best with the Guillotine Synergy you can have 5 Captured Souls (+25% potency (+447)) for a single fight IF you fight a Cosmic, Mutant, Tech, and Skill in any order, in a row. So even as it stand this bonus will rarely ever be used at full efficiency, So maybe even 10% potency per soul but I don't want to over do it so we'll say 5 for now.

Other Synergies:
Morningstar: (Current) Gain 1 Soul Shard every 25 seconds.
(New) Power gained from gaining Bloodthirst is increased to Up to 12% of a bar of power based on Bloodthirst.

That's all I have for now, if you've read all the way through I appreciate you taking the time, and please lmk what you think.
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