An Important Announcement From The MCOC Team

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Hello, Summoners!

Thanks to a tip-off from a small group of Summoners, we recently became aware of a possible vulnerability that could be utilized to obtain an unfair advantage within certain competitive modes of The Contest.

Our team has been carefully reviewing the evidence submitted and are dedicated to the pursuit of truth. Due to the complicated nature of this investigation, our team is taking their time to ensure that no stone goes unturned. At this point, we have confirmed that this possible exploit is limited in terms of which information it revealed:

Defender Data within Alliance Wars:
- Champion and Defender Placement
- Champion PI
Some Player and Alliance Prestige Information

We can confirm this exploit did not involve anyone gaining access to our servers, nor was it possible for anyone to obtain personal Summoner information or account spend information.

We’re currently working to close this exploit. While we continue our investigation, we will be temporarily revealing the following information to all Alliances within Alliance Wars:

- Defender Data
- Champion PI
- Defender Placement

Our aim is to have this addressed in the next update, at which point we will go back to hiding Defender information within The Contest.

While we believe this matter only impacted a very small number of players, we felt that it was of utmost importance that we treated this situation with full transparency. We are committed to addressing all situations that lead to unfair play within The Contest, to directly dealing with those who violate our rules, and to ensuring a fair playing experience for all.

- The Marvel Contest of Champions Team

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