A positive support story

I had a positive experience with Kabam support recently so thought I’d share it here…

Last night Kabam sent out correction nexus crystals for the Tech daily offer that had incorrect drop rates.

I immediately opened this before bed and was delighted to get a 6* Star Lord and a 6* Omega Sentinel…or so I thought.

When I went into my champions screen and filtered by 6* champs my OS was nowhere to be found. I thought this was a bug at first but thankfully took a screenshot and when checking this realised I’d made a huge error and it was actually a 5* OS and not 6*.

I was frustrated with myself and initially thought I’d just have to suck it up as I was completely 100% at fault, but thought I would submit a support ticket anyway. It was a new champ so I hadn’t got any extra materials and I hadn’t used it, so maybe they would correct my mistake?

So I submitted a ticket just before I went to bed asking if they found fox my mistake. I didn’t really expect them to and would have understood if they said no, as it was my own dumb fault. However, when I woke up this morning and checked my roster OS was no longer there and I had a 6* Star Lord.

Checked my emails and while I had been asleep they had acknowledged my issue, agreed to fox my mistake and swapped my champions, all within 7 hours.

I have another issue logged that has dragged on for 2 weeks now, but have to give credit for this one being resolved so soon when they found have just told me to do one.
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