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This is absolutely INSANE

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Before I dive into this thing that’s so crazy it almost seems like it was done on purpose, I want mention that the purpose of this is not to brag in any shape or form, but to ask an honest question about the game.

The 4*s I got were pretty normal, out of 34 I so far got around 3 S tier champs.

But the 5*s…

I first got a 5* warlock from a grandmaster crystal. The next 5*s I got were Hyperion, and then Spider-Ham, and finally a few minutes ago I just got doctor doom.

Now the chance of getting an s tier champ from a crystal is about 10%.

I did the math, and the chances of pulling 4 s tier champions in a row are about 0.01%, aka 1/10,000.

Now spider ham is a tier. The chances of pulling an a tier or above is about 22%.

Now I believe the chances increase are around 0.027%, or around 1/3704. Even if he was B tier, the chances would be extremely rare.

Now my question is: the fact that I got such good 5*s is extremely low, could there be any chance that someone like the game devs interfered or there was some type of bug or something, or did I just get extremely lucky?? Thanks.
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