Arena system changes

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Is there any chance to change arena grind system?
Currently it's impossible to get any good reward from arenas if you have a job or family because you have to spend more than 6 hours to complete all three type of arena. Ok even if you are interested in only featured for example, you still have to spend more than 3 hours(and you do this twice a day). And in the end of this effort you will get nething worth of spending this amount of time.
Dear kabam pls make something with this. When i was 16 yers old i had this amount of time, but now I'm 23 and i have a job, and I'm in position when I don't have enough gold to rank my characters up. I'm watching videos and forum post and what am i hearing? Arena is best way to earn gold. It's seems unfair to people who have limited time to play a day. Players, what do you think?
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