Which 6-star champ should be my first rank 4?

StarlordisWickedStarlordisWicked Posts: 295
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Tough choice. If Kitty or Herc were awakened they would be most likely. Tempted to do kingpin to be honest. Imaging him at rank 4 and eventually 200 makes me smile.

But who would you choose?

Which 6-star champ should be my first rank 4? 13 votes

BrokenTheExit27 2 votes
Human Torch
Kitty Pryde
_Sham_RonSwansonDaBigGubGubdanteofdmc 4 votes
BWCV (sig 40)
Xguard77 1 vote
Kingpin (sig 176)
ZAHIDMALIK1588999ozz 2 votes
Nick Fury (sig 100)
OmedennSoyheyor123LBN1 3 votes
Captain Marvel (sig 60)
Guillotine 2099
Wait until an awakening or better champ arrives
IcePick 1 vote


  • IcePickIcePick Posts: 212
    Wait until an awakening or better champ arrives
    Please DO NOT rank up any of those champs. This is your FIRST four-star Champ so it could be 8-12 months before you get another chance.

    There are four champs in this game who stand alone on top: Ghost (better if awakened), Doom, Kitty (if awakened) and Hercules (if awakened).

    Why? These champs offer great damage and also great survivability (ghost and Kitty can rank a lot with phasing, Herc has immortality that can last a long time and doom has power control, resistance and crit protection). You currently have two of those champs but both need awakening still. Wait

    No one else is even close to those 4. Maybe apocalypse would be worthy but you don’t have him.

    If you have no patience and just have to awaken someone take the kingpin. His survivability will be unworldly and your alliance will thank you each time he is on defense
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