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Tier 2 War - Miss Global Active but no access to Defiance, is this right?

We just got to tier 2 finally however the Miss Global is but no access to Defiance war tactic, is this right?


  • BeduinoPiscinaBeduinoPiscina Posts: 14 ★
    Yep... Have fun fighting certain characters without the defiance tactic ðŸĪŠ
    And war ratings aren't frozen so... Good luck 🙈
  • FuzzyFoxFuzzyFox Posts: 45 ★
    Great! After a bit of research the defence tactic was supposed to be Conduit....Kabammed!

    I'm on path 2, Super Skull on power struggle, my R3 AA cleaned that up, he also cleaned up Sersi on Mix master but I've got a mysterio on 31 and Silver Surfer mini on 46, my R4 Jabarri will sort them out, get into the hunt, then cant miss.

    Usually use my R4 Ibom against Apoc on 24, cant do that this time! Nebula it is.

    Such a random team R3 Archangel, R3 Nebula and R4 Jabarri, Kabam keeping us on our toes lol
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