Need Alliance {275k Player}

Game name-invinciblepawan
Lvl- 60
Rating- 274k
4 rank5 and 15 rank4 champs..
Line id- pawanhalder


  • Our alliance has a pretty cool rewards system! We generally run 55333 with 3 groups. If you’re interested in more specics you can in game chat or Line YodaAnne
  • *specifics
  • GooseDoggyGooseDoggy Posts: 98
    edited November 2017
    I just sent you a friend request and invite in game. Let’s chat.
  • 5.5 mil alliance looking for a guy like you! add me in game "phillgrill" or on Lineapp "phillgrill"
  • I have sent some messages in Line. Let me know if interested.
  • Hey would love for u to join a very active and very well organized alliance. Run map.55544 war rating higher than 1200 . We are in expert tier in AQ we are In tier 6 in AW. Imma add u as a friend. But me up if ur Interested
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