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Update to Holiday Event 2022, No More Gifting

Hello Summoners!

We wanted to give you all the heads up that the Holiday Gifting Event as you’ve experienced it in the past will be replaced with a different event this year. As we know this will be a departure from what you’re used to, we wanted to give everyone this information with ample time to make educated decisions.

What’s changed?
There will be no gifting event this year and we will be removing the option to send Gifting Crystals.

We know! Hold on! Let us explain…

There are three main reasons for this change:

Firstly, this event attracted scammers, like moths to a flame. Last year, we handled hundreds of support tickets surrounding proposed trades that became one-way trades before one of the parties “disappeared.” We want to protect our players and ensure no one is targeted with this type of behaviour.

The second reason is this event saw a great deal of fraud. We know bots are used to spin up thousands of accounts to farm hundreds of thousands of units. Previously, this event resulted in off-site transactions involving Gifting Crystals at a reduced price. It has never been the intention for MCOC to be used as a platform for third party sales. Last year an estimated 850,000+ crystals were acquired this way.

Lastly, due to some recent changes to the early game, players are now able to spin up accounts that earn thousands of Units in only a couple hours. The intention behind this is to enable new players to progress at a meaningful pace, not to provide boosts to main accounts. In the past, we allowed legitimate secondary accounts to gift themselves and, while it was never the spirit of the gifting event, it required a lot more time and effort on the part of individual summoners. Now, it is far too easy. We know that this will affect some Summoners that have already started grinding away on secondary accounts, so we will be making some considerations this year. Read on below for more info.

MCOC, and player behaviour within it, has grown in a way that no longer allows the gifting event to exist.

So, what can we expect instead?
This holiday season, a new event will take the place of the Gifting Event! This event will have some similarities to the older event, but will not include gifting of crystals at all. We don’t have all the details on that event just yet, but let’s look at what details we do have…

We know some players have spent a lot of time making new accounts to earn units for this event, so: You will be able to gift consumables! We don’t want those hours spent to be completely for naught. However, this will be the last time you will be able to gift within MCOC.

You will be able to send “kudos” to alliance-mates or friends! Kudos will be divided into a number of categories and will each represent different accolades. If you acquire enough kudos you can earn a new title. Earn even more and you might find yourself with a event-themed profile pic as well.

Greater Gifting Crystals have always provided some of the most desirable rewards in the game. A new crystal will take its place! It will provide a similar caliber of rewards, but will not be giftable.

Again, we wanted to provide this information as early as possible to allow you to make educated decisions in the lead up to the holiday season. We will have more information as we get closer to the event.

- MCOC Community Team
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