Wolvy nerf?

Has anyone noticed problems with wolverines regen since update? I have a level 77 5-50. Fought 2 fights in AQ and regen didn’t start. I tried in arena and it did start but didn’t regen health. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks


  • LoPrestiLoPresti Posts: 1,035 ★★★
    There's a thread about this every day lol. Wolvie didn't get nerfed, it's just bad RNG.
  • Then I must have had the BEST Rng ever for the last year lol. Even when it did start in arena nothing was showing up on his health bar. Others in my alliance were also saying the samething.
  • TBJ1118TBJ1118 Posts: 228
    I didn’t have any problem today in map5, he did regen. I mean, never on electro as usual, but in the other fights he did
  • NDK13NDK13 Posts: 620 ★★
    He isn't nerfed his rng is just bad after each update.
  • TellthemIAMTellthemIAM Posts: 169
    I’ve heard that the regen isn’t as consistent in AQ the farther into the week as the difficulty amps up
  • Ok so less then a month ago my wolvy was level 47boelhtc5dbbl.png
  • I pulled him again and added 10 stones a couple weeks ago. Now today after updateyxgylgzukct0.png
  • It doesn’t look big because of the level difference but if I never changed his level and he was still 47 how low would it be?
  • And I only added his extra levels in the last couple weeks
  • I thought for sure he was over 3000 based on what other alliance members were saying. I’m not 100% sure I could just be mistaken. Idk you guys are probably right. I might just be having a bad run with him. Thanks guys
  • SubrocSubroc Posts: 21
    I got wolverine 4* sig 99, and he regens pretty constantly. I have not ever noticed a difference in aq or any other mode of the game that changes his regen
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