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Expiring Quest items

Hi all, just a curious question about the expiring items, now that we have a legends tab to exchange our individual items which is a good move by kabam but what about the full energy refills and team revives that we have purchased via units from cavalier completion offers to use it for act 8.1 which is delayed. Haven't heard anything about it... How do we extend the timers for it.. or is it possible to refund the unit's spent as i have all my resources untouched... And also can we buy the same again later before Act 8.1 drops as it got postponed..


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    WhoDaPooWhoDaPoo Posts: 330 ★★★
    I think one of the other threads said to contact support if you purchased bundles (not sure if with units or cash) to get a refund. Just don't use any of it and you should get your units back.
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