Mitigation of Hardware Autorotate Failure on Some Devices

Some of us seem to have phones that spontaneously rotate the screen, sometimes mid-battle. I raised the issue at the link below, but thought that it deserves its own post.

My own suggestions for addressing this hardware failure are to implement one of the following two fixes:
1. Inherit autorotate settings from the phone. So if my phone allows 0 and 270 degree rotations, pick the 270 degree rotation. OR
2. Add a checkbox in the game settings to fix the existing rotation.

I understand that the existing behaviour to flip the screen automatically regardless of phone settings is to give the user flexibility as to how to orient the phone, which is also why my fixes are not of the form 'fix the rotation at 90 degrees', that many apps implement. As 90 degrees places buttons where I don't want them on my phone, I do approve of the flexibility here, which is why I my suggestions allow one to fix the screen either way around - if one choose to fix it.


  • Yeah it's so annoying,. Takes a a while of rotation to get it back the right way. Up
  • MorosophMorosoph Posts: 100
    It occurs to me that Angry Bird Evolution does not exhibit this same behaviour, even though it rotates to view. What is more, the rotation is frequently triggered by a text or WhatsApp arriving. It is possible that this is only partly a hardware problem, in that there could be a corresponding bug in the game itself.
  • MorosophMorosoph Posts: 100
    Morosoph wrote: »
    It occurs to me that Angry Bird Evolution does not exhibit this same behaviour.

    Scratch that: It does, though considerably less often. However, I have never seen it do this _during a game._ So, maybe: lock the screen for the duration of a match unless paused?
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