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Map 5 alliance recruiting. Gold 2 optional AW

We were gold 2 running 5x5. 1 BG war it's a really good team with not a lot of pressure and no drama. Just take care of AQ, the rest is your pace. I'm a good leader, started this alliance from scratch 5 years ago, many of the original crew are still with me. Right now we are doing alliance quest focused with optional wars.
hit me up on line app onky707


  • MAERvelGODMAERvelGOD Posts: 295 ★★
    We are now recruiting for all of our Alliances, individuals or mergers welcome:

    Alliance Prestige: 12.3K
    AQ: Mandatory 875x5 - 700m
    AW: Mandatory Plat 4
    Thronebreaker required
    Recommended prestige: 12k+

    **[ΩLVL1] OMEGA LVL 1**
    Alliance Prestige: 11.4K
    AQ: Mandatory 766 - 450m
    AW: Mandatory Gold 1
    Cavalier required. Thronebreaker preferred
    Recommended prestige: 10.5K
    **3/4 spots open**

    **[ΩLVL2] OMEGA LVL 2**
    Alliance Prestige: 11.2k
    AQ: Mandatory 666 - 420m
    AW: Optional 2bg - Gold 2
    Cavalier required
    Recommended Prestige: 9k+
    **2 spots open**

    ***[ΩLVL3] OMEGA LVL 3***
    Alliance Prestige: 11.1K
    AQ: Mandatory 555 - 280m
    AW: Mandatory - Gold 2
    Cavalier required
    Recommended Prestige: 9K+
    **10+ spots open**

    **[ΩLVL4] OMEGA LVL 4**
    Alliance Prestige: 6.7K
    AQ: Mandatory 543 - 120m
    AW: Mandatory Gold 3 S35
    All players Welcome
    **1/2 spots open**

    **[ΩLVL5] OMEGA LVL 5**
    Alliance Prestige: 10k
    AQ: Mandatory 555 - 250m+
    AW: Optional - Gold 3
    Cavalier required
    Recommended Prestige: 9k+
    **3-4 spots open**

    **[ΩLVL6] OMEGA LVL 6**
    Alliance prestige : 5k
    AQ: Mandatory 333
    AW: Optional - Not ranked
    All players Welcome

    Alliance prestige : 5k
    AQ: None
    AW: None
    All players Welcome

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