THE ALLEGIANT - 5x5 ally recruiting one person. Must have at least one R4 5*.

We have one spot opening on Tuesday when war ends.

The Allegiant
Tag: Lyl30
Leader line ID: captainballs

- map 5x5 AQ and finish everything. Land around 700 in rank with 103m points.
- war tier 3-5.
- laid back and fun, but get the job done.
- no event minimums, just no zeros.

Requirements for new member:
- Looking for one member with ideally 4750 prestige or higher. You must have at least one R4.
- Must be highly active in AQ and war
- Friendly with US based time zones, either live in one or your playtime hours line up with us.
- Contact me on Line App (ID: is captainballs) and please include pic of your profile page and top champs.

IMPORTANT ----> ***Do not contact me if you don't meet these requirements please. I don't have time to hear you tell me about how great of a boss killer you are, but your prestige is 4300. I'm not bringing anyone in that will drop our alliances prestige, as it will hurt everyone. So I apologize, I'm sure you are great, but only contact me if you meet those requirements.
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