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I have been playing since the first year of production. This game has been great to play and watch grow into something spectacular. You have all done a great job with creating new game content and champs.
However, everyday there is a new thread on forums or new vids popping up on YouTube about some more failures in the game. Everytime i read a thread or watch a video it all seems to point back at what ever platform and server you are currently utilizing. If the platform or server is not the most optimal running option to keep the game moving and expanding, well... THAN BUY A NEW SERVER!!!. Last i heard, this game alone is bringing in millions every year. If you have not noticed, you are losing your whales and a lot of dedicated players like myself that enjoy playing. My suggestion, send a notice to all the players in-game, on this forum, Reddit, and maybe a video on YT as well that gives us all notice that you are shutting down the game for a specific time frame.... 2 days, 15 days, maybe even 30 days so you can upgrade to a better server and utilize a new format that will allow you to make changes and additions to the game without consistently effing with your money makers. I have been a part of at least 4 different alliance groups over the years and i can tell you..... YOU'RE PISSING US ALL OFF!!!!
So maybe you have not heard anyone tell you this yet but...... [dookie] OR GET OFF THE POT! Spend a couple of thousand dollars or a hundred thousand and get a more optimal server and correct all the in-games screw ups that are ruining the fun for all of us (list of screw ups below).
Think of this as re-investing in your self so the whales can buy more stuff and keep playing the game. You do not have the only game platform out there for us to enjoy and you will begin to lose money very soon.
[things] TO FIX:
- input response
- AQ glitches
- AW glitches
- Duel freezing
- Battlegrounds (it sucks)
- Additional variants
- Champions losing their upgrade effects (Toad for example)
- 8.1 bug
- Units gone missing
- Apoc bug
- Many other i have not heard about yet!!!

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    You think the game only runs on a single server and not in a major datacenter?
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